The Dimitri Fanlisting


Dimitri At the beginning of Anastasia, Dimitri is a ten year old kitchenboy in the Romanov palace. The night that Rasputin's curse is enacted the yound Dimitri helps the eight year old Anastasia and her grandmother, Marie, escape being killed during the revolution.

Ten years later, Dimitri is twenty years old and a conman. He meets the amnesiac Anastasia (now known by the name of Anya). He had already come up with a plan to find a girl that looks like the missing Anastasia and train her in order to con Duchess Marie, Anastasia's grandmother, into giving him the reward for finding her grand-daughter, Anastasia, when he had meets her and sees the resemblence between Anya and the missing Anastasia.

After some convincing, Anya, the eighteen year old orphan girl he'd just met, agrees to go with him to Paris in order to find out if she is actually Anastasia, without knowing about Dimitri's true motive of conning the old woman into giving him reward money to finding her grand-daughter.

Over time, as the two get to know each other on their journey to Paris, Dimitri has a change of heart. The two fall in love with each other, but are both reluctant to say anything for their own reasons, one of them being that Dimitri wasn't entirely honest with Anya in the first place in what his motive was to take her to Paris. It only gets more complicated though when Dimitri discovers that Anya is actually Anastasia, the long-lost Grand Duchess. In Dimitri's words to Vladimir, "princesses don't marry kitchenboys."