True Kindness Network

Greetings, friend!

Hello and welcome to the True Kindness Network, my fanlisting collective. This is where I house the fanlistings that I maintain, as well as where you can find the fanlistings I've joined. Feel free to browse TKN and join a few of my fanlistings. You can also feel free to drop me a line to comment on the current layout, be added to my kimlist or as an affiliate, you can do so by emailing me. Thanks!

Collective Statistics

Webmistress: Veronica
Updated: July 5, 2024


05 Jul 2024: The fanlisting for Dimitri & Anastasia is up and running but currently under construction.

03 Jul 2024: The fanlistings for Locke Cole from Final Fantasy, World of Final Fantasy, and Lann from World of Final Fantasy are now up and running, but still very much under construction. I have one more layout for an upcoming fanlisting to work on.

03 Jun 2024: Approved at tflorg for the following fanlistings: World of Final Fantasy, Locke Cole (Final Fantasy VI), Lann (World of Final Fantasy), and Dimitri & Anastasia (Anastasia).

25 May 2024: The Alex Rider (TV Series) Fanlisting is now open. Please join if you're a fan of this series.

12 May 2024: Closed the fanlistings for Kakeru Yuiga and Koharu from the anime series, Norn9.

10 May 2024: I applied for and was approved for the Alex Rider tv series fanlisting. Currently waiting for approval on the World of Final Fantasy fanlisting application I submitted to tflorg yesterday. I sent in closed forms for a few more fanlistings recently. Stay tuned for updates.

10 Jan 2024: Happy New Year! I have recently closed some more fanlistings. I am trying to narrow down my collection of fanlistings to ones I am currently still a fan of. It has been hard closing some of them because I have had a few of them for a couple years, but this is for the best. I am hoping to close some more within the next few months and clean up and update the ones I am still keeping.

07 May 2023: I closed the fanlistings for Princess Yona and Kija and submitted a closed form that hasn't been processed yet for the Akastuki no Yona (series). Over the next few months I will be closing some more fanlistings that I've lost interest in. If you have any interest in some of my fanlistings, please let me know. Most likely you will be approved. I don't have a whole lot of time anymore, so keeping up with fanlistings even though I'm still a fan, just isn't a priority anymore.