True Kindness Network

Greetings, friend!

Hello and welcome to the True Kindness Network, my fanlisting collective. This is where I house the fanlistings that I maintain, as well as where you can find the fanlistings I've joined. Feel free to browse TKN and join a few of my fanlistings. You can also feel free to drop me a line to comment on the current layout, be added to my kimlist or as an affiliate, you can do so by emailing me. Thanks!

Collective Statistics

Webmistress: Veronica
Updated: December 5, 2018
Current Fanlistings Owned: 74


05 Dec 2018: I adopted out the Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle fanlisting within the last week. Please update your information if you're already on the fans list, or consider joining the fanlisting if you haven't already.