About the Girl

Kahoko Hino is a normal 16 year old Gen Ed student at Seiso Academy when she happens upon Lili, a fanta (music fairy) who is Seiso Academy's personal "guardian angel of music". As a 'thank you' for seeing him because very few people have been able to, Lili gifts Kahoko with a magic violin and nominates her to participate in the Concourse, a music competition that everyone in the school is eligible to participate in, but generally only Music Department students actually do.

Kahoko is at first skeptical and annoyed, but over time, as she participates in the Concourse and gets to know her fellow Concourse participants, she begins to love music and the violin, and develops friendships with them.

Who does Kahoko end up with?

Kahoko has many options for who she can end up with in the anime, manga, and games. But who does she actually end up with? It depends on whether you watch the anime, play the La Corda d'Oro video games, or read the manga.

The La Corda d'Oro anime series and its two specials, like the video games, has an open ending so basically YOU decide in your head who Kahoko ends up with. Another similarity that it shares with the games is alternate endings.

If you played the games it would depend on what choices you made while playing it who Kahoko would end up with.

As for the manga ending, well, Len + Kahoko shippers rejoice! Kahoko and Len confess that they like eachother after Len returns from abroad and the two embrace, while Lili in the background says to Len, clearly frustrated, "Argh! It's driving me up the wall!! Just kiss her already!"

Personally, I love the ending for the manga the best, but that's because I AM a Len + Kahoko shipper and proud of it! ;)

Profile Information

Hino Kahoko

Name: Kahoko Hino
Department: General Education
Class: Class 2 - 2
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Family: Parents, older brother and sister
Talent: she can play music by ear
Instrument: Violin
Seiyuu: Takagi Reiko