The Nephrite Fanlisting


In the live action version of Sailor Moon, Nephrite is Jadeite's main rival for the attentions of Queen Beryl, who considers him useless. His physical appearance is drastically changed from his animanga counterpart, and he is portrayed as hot-headed and violent.

Repeatedly humiliated by the Sailor Senshi, and mocked by the other Shitennou, he strives to win Beryl's favor, but is eventually murdered by her as a demonstration of her power. He is then reborn in Tokyo as a normal human being with all his memories intact, getting a job at the karaoke parlor and forging a tenuous friendship with Ami Mizuno, who was compassionate toward him when she was Dark Mercury.

At the end of the series, he is re-established with the other Shitennou as one of Prince Endymion's guardians.