The Locke & Terra Fanlisting

Locke & Terra

The relationship between Locke Cole and Terra Branford (Tina Branford in the original Japanese version) is one of my favorite platonic (though I DO definitely 'ship them) relationships in Final Fantasy VI. I mean, yeah, the relationships between the other characters are good and sweet and awesome, but from their first meeting they just clicked. I can see them as friends, siblings, or as a potential pairing because they certainly have the chemistry. I'm sure that had the writers at Square-Enix deemed them so, they could have been a great pairing, as it is they have an awesome relationship.

Locke meets with Arvis Moogles come to aid Locke in protecting Terra Locke and Terra's first meeting...sort of...except she isn't awake just yet
Terra tells Locke about her amnesia, that her mind is, 'trapped in a fog' After coming back from the quest to Vector, Locke bestows on Terra an esper once known as 'Maduin', her father and she awakens Terra, Locke, and Setzer talking about the espers after the espers attacked the airship

How They Met

Arvis, a resident of the town of Narshe, tells Locke about Terra and asks him to go find her in the caves where she is being hunted by some of the Narshe soldiers because of her previous occupation as a Magitek Soldier for the empire. Locke's first response to the request is incredulity that Arvis would ask him to help "that magitek witch", as he called her. But he does go to her aid and with the help of some moogles, keeps the Narshe soldiers from hurting her.

Terra was unconscious during the battle, so they don't officially meet until after the battle is over and the two had escaped harm. Once meeting her for real and talking to her, Locke's opinion of her changes --- especially upon hearing she doesn't remember anything except her name. This particular fact reminds Locke of his former love, Rachel, who also had amnesia and he is immediately sympethetic toward her plight. He tells her that he'll stay by her side until her memory returns. And that is just the beginning of the sweet and constant relationship between them.

Why I Love Them

Their initial interaction was just the beginning of my like of their relationship. After their first meeting and Locke's promise to stay beside her until her memory returns, he proceeds to do just that. He is her protector and her friend when she most needs it. She's there for him though, too. It is a mutual respect and affection that these two have and I love that.

Instance (Locke): , Locke (along with their other newfound comrades) go to Zozo to find Terra when she flies off in fear after turning into her esper form. None of them are more worried about her than Locke is and he immediately is like, "we've gotta go find her!" Once they find her in a room on the top floor in Zozo in a lot of pain, Locke is the one who is the last to leave.

Instance (Terra): Locke and Celes are on the outs after Celes apparently "betrays" everyone (keyword: apparently). Terra, even though she doesn't know about love, obviously cares for Locke enough to be upset on his behalf. When Locke and Celes meet again for the first time since her "betrayal" at Vector the atmosphere is definitely tense between the two would-be lovers. Locke walks off without a word and Terra, obviously conflicted because both of them are her friends, hesitates before going after Locke and leaving Celes behind.

Gotta love them both for their loyalty toward each other.