Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

Phone Friends

Whether you wanna chat or get a hint, phone friends are always there. Course, it never hurts to be able to interogate a suspect over the phone when you get the chance either.
Bess Marvin
Bubbly, blonde-haired, and blue eyed Bess is one Nancy's best friends and often helps her out on difficult cases. She's the one to call if you need the latest behind the scenes gossip on Light of Our Love.

Bess Marvin is voiced by Katie Denny in Stay Tuned for Danger.
George Fayne
Tall, athletic, dark-eyed, and dark-haired George (short for Georgia) is one of Nancy's best friends. She also happens to be Bess Marvin's cousin. She's the one to call if you have a puzzle you can't solve.

George Fayne is voiced by Lindsey Newman in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Ned Nickerson
Ned Nickerson is Nancy's long-suffering boyfriend. When he isn't attending classes at Emerson College, he will lend Nancy a hand during her cases.

Ned Nickerson is voiced by Ryan Campbell in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Dwayne Powers
Dwayne Powers Brown-haired, green-eyed Dwayne Powers owns Powers Talent Agency. At one time he tried his hand at acting, but because he didn't have 'the look' he had a difficult time finding parts to play. He has been Mattie's friend for eight years and is currently her manager.

World Wide gets actors and etc. from his agency. His current clients are: Owen Spayder, Nancy Drew (you!), and Mattie Jensen. He isn't very fond of Rick, for many different reasons. Does that motive spell culprit? Play the game to find out!

Dwayne Powers is voiced by Bob Heath in Stay Tuned for Danger.
William Pappas
William Pappas William Pappas is the producer of Light of Our Love and is currently in talks with Rick Arlan's manager over Rick's contract with World Wide. He isn't too happy with Rick at the moment because Rick is trying to break his contract so that he can leave the show.

I don't care who he is. No one breaks a contract with Bill Pappas. I'll kill him before he runs out on me. - William Pappas to Rick Arlan's manager.

Can we say motive? Yep! Is he the culprit?'ll have to play the game to find out. ;-)

William Pappas is voiced by Frank Martin in Stay Tuned for Danger.