Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger


Welcome to the suspects page. This is where you can find brief character profiles for the suspects in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Mattie Jensen
Mattie Jensen Auburn-haired, blue eyed Mattie Jensen stars as Serena Livingstone on the popular soap opera, Light of Our Love. As sweet and caring as she seems to be, she has been having some relationship problems with her mother who seems to be very domineering.

Mattie is currently renting the apartment of Eloise Drew, Nancy's aunt. After hearing of Nancy's success at solving cases from Nancy's aunt, Mattie invites Nancy to stay with her to figure out who is causing havok on the set and sending threatening notes and gifts to Mattie's co-star, Rick Arlan.

Mattie was at one time linked romantically to her co-star, Rick Arlan. She apparently has attempted to write letters to Rick revealing that she is, in fact, still very much in love with him. She is represented by Dwayne Powers of Powers Talent, who she has been friends with for years.

Mattie Jensen is voiced by Moriah Seebold in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Rick Arlan
Rick Arlan Blond haired, blue eyed Rick Arlan is the lead actor on Light of Our Love and the resident heartbreaker. He has had relationships with two of the women involved with Light of Our Love; his co-star Mattie Jensen and Lillian Weiss, the show's director. Rick plays the dual roles of Rory and Yuri Danner, twin brothers, on Light of Our Love.

Rick was at one point represented by Dwayne Powers of Power's Talent, but eventually left because he felt that he was better off without being represented by Powers Talent. He is currently on the outs with William Pappas, who is the producer of Light of Our Love because of the talks between Rick's current manager and Mr. Pappas.

Rick Arlan is voiced by Ryan Drummond in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Mildred W.Strathorn
Millie StrathornMildred W.Strathorn, known by most as Millie, is an eccentric old woman who is in charge of the prop room at World Wide Broadcasting, the company that produces Light of Our Love. She also happens to be the founder of WWB.

Millie loves riddles as evidenced by the first time you meet her. After you introduce yourself she tells you that in order to be allowed entrance to the prop room you have to answer three riddles.

Millie doesn't think much of Rick Arlan or his character on the show and is constantly submitting scripts that kill off his character in one way or another. Is this a motive or is she just plain nuts? Play the game and find out (hint: both?).

Mildred (Millie) W.Strathorn is voiced by Lani Minella in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Lillian Weiss
Lillian Weiss Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is the saying that applies most to Lillian Weiss. This black-haired, brown-eyed vindictive woman is the director of Light of Our Love and is royally p.o.'d at Rick Arlan, understandably so.

She and Rick dated at one point when she found out that he was only using her to get ahead in the acting business. When she found out his reason for dating her, she broke off the relationship and has since been very unpleasant to everyone, but most especially Rick. Can we say 'motive'? Yep! Is she the one behind the threats? Play the game to find out!

Lillian Weiss is voiced by J'eral Fontaine in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Owen W. Spayder
Owen W. SpayderOwen Spayder is an enigma. There isn't much info on him except that he is a part-timer at World Wide Broadcasting and is represented by Powers Talent Agency, which is owned by Dwayne Powers.

Dwayne Powers
Dwayne Powers Brown-haired, green-eyed Dwayne Powers owns Powers Talent Agency. At one time he tried his hand at acting, but because he didn't have 'the look' he had a difficult time finding parts to play. He has been Mattie's friend for eight years and is currently her manager.

World Wide gets actors and etc. from his agency. His current clients are: Owen Spayder, Nancy Drew (you!), and Mattie Jensen. He isn't very fond of Rick, for many different reasons. Does that motive spell culprit? Play the game to find out!

Dwayne Powers is voiced by Bob Heath in Stay Tuned for Danger.
William Pappas
William Pappas William Pappas is the producer of Light of Our Love and is currently in talks with Rick Arlan's manager over Rick's contract with World Wide. He isn't too happy with Rick at the moment because Rick is trying to break his contract so that he can leave the show.

I don't care who he is. No one breaks a contract with Bill Pappas. I'll kill him before he runs out on me. - William Pappas to Rick Arlan's manager.

Can we say motive? Yep! Is he the culprit?'ll have to play the game to find out. ;-)

William Pappas is voiced by Frank Martin in Stay Tuned for Danger.
Ralph Guardino
Ralph GuardinoRalph Guardino works as the front desk security guard at World Wide Broadcasting. He has no motive for hurting Rick. Whenever you go to WWB you have to sign in at the front desk where he greets you. William Pappas is his brother-in-law and apparently that is how he got the security guard gig.

Ralph Guardino is voiced by Bob Heath in Stay Tuned for Danger.