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KIM List (Keep in Mind)

Hello! Welcome to my KIM list. Wanna be added to it? Email me to be added to the list and make sure to submit the subject you want to be kimlisted for as well as your name, email address, and url (for a sample of your website coding work). I won't ask why you want the fanlisting or what the subject means to you because I know for me, when I apply to be kimlisted, I always get stuck on that particular part of the application so I imagine that there are others like me that have the same problem. If you want to though you can add that to your application, it just isn't a required piece of information.

FYI: * = original owner.

  • Keiko Kitagawa - Lizzie, Danielle *
  • Sleeping Beauty: Prince Philip & Princess Aurora - Lizzie, Nikita *
  • La Corda d'Oro: Shoko Fuyuumi - Miriallia
  • Anastasia (1997) Movie - Mayumi
  • The Aristocats (movie) - Amber