Philip & Aurora Fanlisting

Princess Aurora (Briar Rose)

Blond haired and lavendar eyed Aurora, also known as Briar Rose by the three good fairies, is the only daughter of King Stephan and Queen Leah. At her christening she is given the gifts of beauty and a beautiful voice. Before she can be given Merryweather's gift, Maleficent, an evil fairy, gifts her with a curse. The curse is that on her 16th birthday she'll prick her finger on a spindlewheel and die. However, Merryweather is able to change this curse to instead of death she'll just be in a deep sleep until she is awakened by true loves kiss.

Aurora is a playful, beautiful, and sweet young princess who unknowingly falls in love with her betrothed, Prince Philip, at first sight. She is voiced by Mary Costa.