Philip & Aurora Fanlisting


They met first, in Aurora's words, once upon a dream, but they actually met for the first time on her 16th birthday after Philip had been thrown from his horse and Aurora's woodland friends had decided it would be a good idea to steal his boots, cloak, and hat. Philip watched as Aurora sang while she waltzed with her 'dream' prince, captivated. When she twirled her 'prince' close enough to his position he snagged the back of the false prince's cloak and took her prince's place to dance with her. When he started singing the same song she was singing, Aurora was alarmed, knowing that she was no longer dancing with her woodland friends, but with a human man. And that was the beginning...

Why I Love Their Relationship

I love the relationship between Prince Philip and Princess Aurora for many reasons. Their first meeting, their duet and waltz, their own personal struggles (mainly Aurora's) between doing what the heart wants and making the more difficult decision and doing one's duty. The cute first meeting, falling in love at first sight, the duet and waltz are all pretty standard fairytale/Disney fare, but the struggle between the emotional heart and the noble heart are not so common. Sleeping Beauty, and this pairing in particular, showed that struggle and pretty much won my heart for life. I will always love Sleeping Beauty and this pairing for showing that particular struggle.